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[Case Study] Affiliate Nutra Offer with Display Ads in Malaysia

[Case Study] Affiliate Nutra Offer with Display Ads in Malaysia

Nutra – an evergreen vertical that brings conversions constantly. Some offers remain profitable for years! Among the challenges is finding a reliable affiliate network and traffic source. In this case, the author found a profitable approach that brought him $ 8000 in net profit. Let's get into the details.

Sum up:

CPA Network: AdCombo

Offer: Hammer of Thor

Traffic source: TrafficStars

Ad format: Banners + Native Ads

GEO: Malaysia

Period: 20/04/2021 - 20/10/2021

Costs: $ 13 445

Profit: $ 21 450

ROI: 59.5%

Opinion and data belong to the author of this case.

By the end of the year, I finally found the time to put together all the information to create a case study. So today I’ll show how I managed to make money by promoting a nutra offer with TrafficStars display ads.


I advertised AdCombo’s offer – Hammer of Thor. This is a publicly available offer with well-known pills. I got paid for sales on the cash-on-delivery model. The process follows: Users leave their contact details and later receive a call to confirm the order. Once the order is confirmed, customers will pay for the order upon receipt.

At the start, I received $ 9.1 per sale. But it was increased to $ 10.5, since I did enough conversions. Don’t hesitate to ask your manager for a little bump. I’ve tested several offers and GEOs. Hammer of Thor showed the best results in Malaysia.

Ad creatives

There are over 20 ad creatives in each campaign. In pictures I used different variations of the enlarged male penis. I copied a lot of images from a spy tool.

I used landing pages and pre-landings made by AdCombo. Surprisingly, the best performance showed landing pages without adult content. Eventually, it brought me 15% of all sales.


But the banners contain adult content. Therefore I can't publish them here.

First tests

I’ve launched 2 ad campaigns with banners 300x250 and native ad formats. I set up ads to show during call center hours. Also, I excluded non-proxy traffic. This helpful setting prevent showing ads to users from third countries.

After the first month, i’ve got the following results:



I analyzed the statistics and realized that the biggest number of conversions comes from Android smartphones, Chrome browser and 4 carriers.

Here are my settings:


Also, I created a whitelist and set up a higher bid for several sources like xHamster.


Banners and Native ad campaigns were active for half of a year. The conversion rate dropped by 6 months, and I have paused this offer. Most of the time, the campaign ran on auto-pilot, and I only occasionally changed creatives and pre-landers.

I earned $ 21 450, minus costs are $ 8 005 in total.

BTW, this offer is still available for advertising in many GEOs.

Here is the screenshot:


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