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Make extra profit on the ad campaigns that you run in TrafficStars. Or share your experience of traffic monetization and get rewarded! Here are 2 main rules: the case study should be profitable and the text must be initially published in our blog. Read all details below.

The payout starts at $200 and can be up to $1000! The higher your profit, the more you can get for a case study. However, uniqueness is also important.

Doubting your writing skills? No problem. Just share some basic information with us and we'll take over the text.

Send your case study to with the subject: “Get Money for Case Study”.

Make sure your case study contains the following information:

  • Description of the optimization process, targeting selection, and offer itself.
  • CPA offer (payout, conversion type, etc.) Any vertical is accepted.
  • Ad format
  • Targeting options
  • Pricing model
  • Period
  • Spent, profit, ROI
  • Screenshots of statistics

We understand that sharing ad creatives or landing pages that are still being used in profitable ad campaigns can be copied. Therefore, it is not required to provide it.

Other conditions:

  • Minimum ROI: 15%
  • Minimum total ad spending: $300
  • The money will be credited to your balance in TrafficStars.
  • You can share the case study only after publishing it on our blog.

Keep in mind that the more valuable information your case contains, the higher your reward will be. Go ahead! We look forward to receiving your inspiring cases.

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