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How to passively earn $1000 per month on gaming affiliate programs?

How to passively earn $1000 per month on gaming affiliate programs?

In this affiliate marketing case study you’ll learn how to make money by promoting gaming affiliate programs. One of our partners allowed us to share his affiliate marketing strategy with you. He did not reveal all the details, but showed what optimization rules he uses and how CPA model works for mobile gaming offers. It’s not about making millions, that’s for getting inspired by a successful case study. Below are the words of our partner.

I’ve been running an adult gaming offer. Affiliate network paid me $0.75 for user registration.


  • GEO: US
  • Ad format: Native ads
  • Devices: Mobile
  • Pricing model: CPA
  • Traffic type: RON


Also I’ve excluded proxy traffic to not to receive registrations of users from other countries, since I only get paid for leads from the USA. Also, an affiliate network can penalize for irrelevant registrations.


Using payout modifier I set the target ROI at 11.11%. Thus I will get more traffic.

The test budget is $50.


Optimizer I added optimizer to my campaign with the following rules:

  • Block spot if impressions are over 10’000 and CTR is less than 0.05%
  • Block spot if spent more than $2.25 and less than 1 lead.

$2.25 is the payout multiplied by 3.

That is, spots that do not comply with these rules will be blacklisted. Thus, I save the budget and time on the analysis of stats. CPA-campaign-optimizer.png


10 days later, my campaign successfully exited the test period (screenshot below). trafficstars-statistics.png


I had 5 ad creatives in the campaign. I paused 2 of them, because they showed a low ROI and click-through rate.

0.1% – the best CTR that the ad creative has achieved. Сonversion rate from clicks to registrations is about 3%.

I don’t disclose the offer name and my ad creatives, as the campaigns are still profitable.

After that I cloned my campaign, added a new pack of ad creatives and raised Payout modifier target ROI to 25%. The next day, I made sure that the traffic volume did not decrease due to the increased target ROI and launched 3 more campaigns.


Here are the results:

First 2 weeks from 1 ad campaign:

  • Spent - $1193
  • Profit - $1276
  • Net profit - $83
  • ROI 7%

Next 2 weeks from 4 ad campaigns:

  • Spent - $4768
  • Profit - $5626
  • Net profit - $858
  • ROI 18%

I spent about 3 hours of my time and earned a net $941. Isn't that cool?

I logged into the platform only 4 times in 4 weeks:

  1. Set up and launch a campaign.
  2. Optimize ad creatives and launch new ad campaigns.
  3. Check my stats and run more campaigns.
  4. Check my stats again and make screenshots for this case study.

CPA model together with the optimizer is ideal for quick testing of new offers. And if your offer is really good, then it is easy money! Now I’m gonna test more gaming offers and new GEOs.

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