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If you own an online store and have been thinking about advertising on adult websites, this article is for you! You'll learn how to set up conversion tracking from the purchase tracking platform and, most importantly, how to run an effective campaign that delivers scalable, optimized results!!

By the way, did you know that advertising on adult sites is becoming increasingly attractive to mainstream brands? Advertising on sites of this nature reaches a wide audience, and the cost is much lower than that of Google or Facebook.

Pros and cons of advertising on adult sites

Now, let's dive into setting up conversion tracking before launching your campaign. This is a crucial step as tracking conversions provides insights into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and allows for auto-optimization.

How to set up conversion tracking?

On our platform, you can do this through S2S postback and pixel tracking. For website owners, the pixel is the most popular way to track conversions. Installing the pixel on your site takes just a few minutes and doesn't require technical knowledge.

1. Open the Tracking Tools section.

2. Go to the Pixel Tracking tab and copy the link.

💡 To display the cost of purchased items in TrafficStars statistics, add the following text to the link

?value=5, where 5 is the conversion value.

3. For tracking purchases, insert the code on the thank-you page, which opens after payment.

This way, you'll see user purchases in TrafficStars statistics.

An example of installing the TrafficStars pixel on Tilda

Inserting a pixel code into a website is quite simple, especially if the site is created using a website builder. For instance, let's look at Tilda.

1. Open advanced page settings

2. Go to edit the HTML code of the page

3. Paste the pixel code and save the settings

4. Check whether the pixel code is saved by opening the page code in the browser.

Example of installing the TrafficStars pixel on WordPress

WordPress is another popular website builder. Installing the code is also super easy.

Open the page and set the code in the header.

Now let's move on to setting up an advertising campaign.

Setting up a TrafficStars campaign

Recently, one of our clients was promoting an online sex shop.

They chose 3 ad formats for the purpose:

  • Banner 300x100 

  • Banner 300x250 

  • Native ads.

Native ads vs. Banner ads - which is better?

Location: Cyprus, Limassol

💡 Choosing a region can significantly reduce traffic volume.

Devices: Mobile, Desktop.

💡 We recommend creating a separate ad campaign for mobile and desktop devices.

💡 Use this option to eliminate irrelevant proxy traffic.

Audiences: Targeted prime sites.

Bid: Recommended.

CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) for native format: $0.005 For 300x100 banner CPM is higher - $0.31


The last step is uploading creatives. You can also choose capping - the daily frequency of ad impressions per user.

Initially, five creatives were uploaded for each campaign and updated over time. Different ideas with images, texts, and landing pages were tested.


For analysis, we used TrafficStars statistics and Google Analytics.

Spent: $553

Earned: $1323

Net profit: $770

After a month of advertising, the sex shop received 27 orders totaling $1323. Deducting advertising expenses, the net profit was $770. Native format proved most successful in both order quantity and profitability. The 300x100 mobile banner was the least profitable, so its campaign was paused. xHamster showed the highest ROI among traffic sources.

Organic Growth

Besides direct sales, consider delayed conversions. Some users may access from another device or find the sex shop through search. The pixel won't capture all conversions made directly through advertising.


Advertising on TrafficStars can be an effective way to promote your online store. This case proves that adult traffic brings conversions, but it's essential to set up advertising campaigns correctly. Tracking conversions with the pixel shows which campaigns are effective and which to disable.

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