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Embarking on a successful digital marketing journey involves mastering the art of retargeting, and this comprehensive guide to ad retargeting is your compass in the dynamic realm of online advertising. In the vast landscape of the internet, where attention spans flicker and choices abound, retargeting emerges as a powerful strategy to re-engage potential customers. This complete guide to retargeting unveils the intricacies of strategically reconnecting with users who have previously interacted with your brand. From understanding the psychology behind retargeting to deploying effective campaigns across various platforms, this guide equips you with the knowledge to turn missed opportunities into conversions. Dive into the world of tailored messaging, data-driven insights, and precision targeting as you navigate this complete guide to retargeting campaigns, unlocking the full potential of your digital marketing arsenal.

What is retargeting?

Converting visitors into buyers is getting harder. According to statistics, 96% of people don't make a purchase on their first visit to a website. Even if your landing page is superb, the human factor remains.


Inconvenient time or place to get acquainted with the product. More time is needed to compare competitors' offers. Users may accidentally close the tab and forget about your enticing website.

So how to not miss potential customers? Here comes the retargeting ads.

Retargeting also known as remarketing allows advertisers to show ads in front of users who have already interacted with your website.

This diagram clearly shows how it works.


  1. A visitor clicks on your ad.
  2. Then leaves the website to consider buying.
  3. Retargeting ads bring visitors back.

The purpose of a remarketing strategy is to remind visitors of your offer and eventually turn them into customers.

For example, if a user subscribes to your company’s special offers email, they may take notice of your company’s special sale on boots. However, after viewing your sale they may still be convinced they can get a lower price somewhere else. Using the email address the user provided initially, you can create a specific ad campaign for that specific user, which can highlight your boot sale for the next week.

Remarketing is especially effective for the promotion of offers with high payouts, like Crypto, Gambling, Finances, Software or Nutra. In case we’re talking about brands that can be Cars, Real estate, Luxury watches etc.

Why you should use retargeting?


Retargeted customers are 3 times more likely to click on your ad, than people who didn’t interact with your landing page. Use these retargeting techniques to increase your ROI.

Close more sales

Move users to the next stage of the funnel. Retargeting ads remind people to return to the site, abandoned cart, or complete registration. A well-designed remarketing strategy increases the conversion rate. According to statistics, CTR of retargeting display ads in TrafficStars is 2.5 times higher than a regular ad campaign.


Offer users a premium subscription, access key app features, etc. This is a well-performing method for promoting freemium services and subscription-based apps.


Offer existing customers products or services that are related to their recent purchases. This will increase ROI and customers’ lifetime value. For example, you sell fitness trackers. Then you can promote a fitness app. Since this audience is also interested in health and fitness products. Another case: You promote credit cards, loans, mortgage etc. The financial services audience overlaps with investments and cryptocurrencies. Then you can launch ad campaigns with such offers. This way you will get quality leads for less money.

A study by Adobe found that 40% of sales revenue comes from remarketing or repeat customers. Despite the significant impact on revenue, those remarketing customers represent as little as 8% of total website visitors.

Best practices and tips for advertisers

Include special offers

One of the essential techniques that is widely used in e-commerce is the discount offer. A sweet 50% discount can reignite users' interest and you’ll end up "hooking" them. In addition to a discount, you can offer users something valuable - a trial version (for services and apps), free spins (casino), free stuff, etc.


Frequency Capping

Limit the number of times your ad is shown to unique users. Set up the frequency capping while creating ad campaigns. In TrafficStars you can set this indicator to the number of impressions per day. We recommend showing ads to one user no more than 3 times a day to prevent users from feeling overwhelmed.

Add more ad creatives to the rotation

Another useful technique that increases CTR and CR eventually is refreshing your ad creatives. Since all people are different, you need to test several options. No one knows which ad creative will hook a user.

Exclude converted users

Agree that showing ads to users who have completed a conversion action is unwise. Implementing code to your landing page, you’ll be able to exclude users who registered or made a purchase. On the other hand, these users can be used for an upselling or cross-selling campaign. I wrote about this above.

How does TrafficStars retargeting work?

We have 2 types of pixel-based retargeting.


As the name suggests, this is an easy way to launch a retargeting campaign. This way, you can target users who clicked on your ad.

You can start to collect users even from a running campaign. Just create a new User collection while setting up your ad campaign.


The following ad formats are suitable for this type:

  • Push
  • Banner
  • Native
  • Video ads

💡 Start collecting audience for retargeting without implementing code.


This type allows advertisers to target users who visited the landing page or made a specific action. It can be used with all ad formats since the code is installed on the website. This option is suitable for more experienced users but gets more opportunities.


Implement this retargeting pixel into the code of your landing page.

Another advantage is event retargeting. Adding special parameters you’ll be able to track users' registrations, purchases, adding to cart and any conversions you want.

This is essential for e-commerce. You can create a campaign targeting all users who added a product to the cart but did not convert. Or you can create a campaign targeting all users who converted and sell them a different product. The possibilities are endless!

You also can populate the parameters with any value you want, if you have this information you can populate an &age= parameter, and then only target users over or under 40 years old.


Best ad formats for retargeting

You can use any ad format in TrafficStars for retargeting (in advanced mode).

However, the following 3 ad types are fitted better for retargeting purposes.

Push notifications

Push ads is the best way to grab users' attention. Send follow-up notifications to customers who engaged with your previous ad, but didn’t complete the intended action. Try a different approach and strengthen your message by a time-limited deal.


For example, in this case the advertiser launched retargeting push ads with a time-limited free bet offer. It worked out very well: many users installed the mobile app and went through the registration process.


As you can see, the conversion from click to deposit increased by almost 6 times!

How to make $3330 on Betting offer and Banner ads


The benefit of display ad retargeting is that you’ll catch users' eyes wherever they go online. Follow up with your potential customers on any device and operating system within our ad network until they make their first purchase.


💡 Use animated or video banners to overcome banner blindness and increase CTR.


Video Ads

Video advertising itself is a powerful marketing tool and coupled with retargeting, it will be more effective. Video ads allow marketers to tell more about a product. This is a great storytelling tool. Users who have already visited your site are more likely to watch your ad to the end and convert into buyers.


  • Offer: Adult gaming
  • Payout: $5.5 per lead
  • GEOs: US, CA, UK, NZ, AU
  • Devices: ALL
  • Spend: $716
  • Profit: $1914

In this case the advertiser launched retargeting in video ads. He promoted adult gaming offer, targeting all devices and several countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.


The launch of a retargeting campaign brought him additional registrations. As creatives, he used different videos with horny characters from the game.

💡 Conversion rate of Windows and Android users is twice as high Mac and iOS

To sum up

Retargeting is the most underused online marketing technique that could improve your advertising outcome. Use it to close more sales, upselling or cross-selling. Following the best advertising practices, you’ll convert many more visitors into customers.

So where to start? First of all, follow the user path and identify weaknesses and what can be done to generate more conversions. Thus, you will create a solid base for your retargeting strategy. Then launch the main ad campaign to collect the user base. After that, a retargeting campaign is created.

Retargeting ads is not hard as it seems. Make the most out of paid advertising with TrafficStars!

Ready to apply a new strategy? Let's check it out!