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TrafficStars team FAQ

Can I get a refund?

To request a return, contact our support manager via live chat. Your balance must be a minimum of $100. This condition applies to advertisers who have made no more than one deposit. Once you make an initial deposit on Our website, you have six (6) months from the last payment date to ask for a refund of the balance remaining on the account if you are not satisfied with our website and have remained in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. For Wire transfers, the minimum amount is $500.

As soon as you make a second deposit on Our website, it is understood that a refund will only be issued for a balance greater than $500, and a processing fee of 10% will be deducted from the refund.

Buyers and Sellers who are canceled/terminated/blacklisted by us for violating Our Terms and Conditions are not entitled to a refund.

To receive a refund, please contact our Live-chat support. Write the reason for the refund and your wallet number (Paxum, Credit Card, Coingate, Wire Transfer, Capitalist). If you want to get a refund with Paxum, please write also your date of birth.

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