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Get ready to take your Video ads to the next level with our new offer! 🎉

Spend at least $1,000 on Video ads and get back 20% of your June costs.

⏰ Promo duration: starts on June 1st and lasts till June 30

⚠️ Ad spot id 2818 isn't involved in the promo.

For example:

Spend $1000 – Receive $200 cashback.

Spend $5000 – Receive $1000 cashback.

Spend $10000 – Receive $2000 cashback.

The more you spend, the more you get!

Сashback will be calculated and credited to your TrafficStars account until July 15, 2023.

Join the promo and start spending


  • Can I earn the cashback for a campaign already launched and run?

You're welcome to join this promo with your existing video campaigns or you can just launch a new one.

  • Do I immediately get the cashback once I spend my first $1000?

The cashback will be delivered after the promo ends. Cashback will be calculated and credited to your TrafficStats account by July 15th, 2023.

  • I am a newbie at TrafficStars. Can I still participate?

Of course, register and create your first Video campaign.

  • How many campaigns can I run?

As many as you want, but for a campaign to qualify, you ought to spend at least $1000 on it.

  • Can you give any recommendations on how to run Video Ads successfully?

Ultimately, the success of a video ad campaign depends on factors such as targeting, messaging, and creativity, regardless of the format used. Do not miss our guide, "6 Tips for Creating High-Converting Video Ads", whose title speaks for itself.

Launch Ads 🚀

The Promo Results

Updated August 1, 2023

  • More than 100 clients took part in the promotion and earned $200,000 in 1 month!

  • 37 clients have completed the promo conditions and have already received their cashback for a total of $45,000.

  • Client's campaigns resulted in a 60% revenue growth on non-xHamster spots.

Thank you for participating in our Video Ads Promo! Your overwhelming response and engagement have exceeded our expectations, making it a tremendous success 🤩