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2021 was an exciting, eventful and fruitful year for the TrafficStars team. We rolled out major and minor platform updates, attended several affiliate marketing conferences and met new partners. To summarize last year's achievements, we’ve gathered all significant figures and updates of our platform. Let’s get started without further ado.

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New campaign creation page


We have created new design and added useful features to the dashboard:

Native Image Center. This is a tool to center the image of a native ad format creative.

Emoji Toolbar. Now you can add emoji directly from the platform in one click.

Crop Tool. Use this tool to adjust the image to the required size or crop a part of it.

In-Page Push


In-Page ads look like classic web push notifications. However it has a number of distinct advantages: Similar to Classic Push ads, In-Page Push is a web adaption of a well-known ad format with no need to collect the database. Unlike Classic Push, they are non-intrusive with the freedom to work on all browsers and platforms including iOS.

Custom skin which is designed to drive higher user’s engagement.

High CTR and Conversion rate. The new interactive designs delivers more legit clicks to your offer

No subscription needed. Users don’t have to subscribe to get website notifications.

More fresh users. It works on all browsers, devices and platforms including iOS.

Targeted Clicks


Also known as Tabs, it is a unique ad format which can be bought now on CPC pricing model directly via TrafficStars.

Targeted clicks benefits:

CPC model. Pay only for engaged users.

High performing for Dating and webcam offers.

Easy to create. All you need is a link to your offer, ad creatives are not required.

Interstitial Image


Crafting the perfect ad creative isn’t a good task. So we added the tool to make your life easier. Our new feature allows you to add name, headline and button to your image. Now you can make juicy ad creatives and get more fruitful results with Interstitial ads!


More Mainstream Traffic


I'm sure you've heard about the RUNative merger with the TrafficStars. RUNative is the industry’s leading ad network specializing in mainstream traffic. So now you can buy it’s ad spots via our self-self platform.

Details about RUNative:

  • One of the industry's best mainstream traffic inventories, with millions of unique daily users.
  • All the high performing ad formats: Native ads, Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Banners, etc.
  • Advanced ad security.
  • The highest converting verticals - Gaming, Dating, Nutra, Gambling.
  • Top 5 GEOs - US, FR, UK, IN, DE.

In conclusion

Finally, we would like to thank all of our customers and partners. We truly appreciate your business and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. We’ll continue to develop our advertising platform to offer the best solutions for both publishers and advertisers.

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