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This week at TrafficStars we are happy to announce a new ad format - In-Page Push Notifications.

What is In-Page Push?

Similar to push ads, in-page push is a web adaption of a well-known classic push.

In-page push ads are non-intrusive as common push ads with the freedom to work on all browsers and platforms including iOS.

Benefits of In-Page Push

Higher CTR

Thanks to new unique designs for top verticals such as Dating, Webcams & Gambling, In-Page Push by TrafficStars drives higher users’ interest and delivers more clicks to your campaigns.

Works on all devices In-page push can be viewed from any device and OS, including iOS.

CPC Pricing model

You can run campaigns through the platform on CPC.

No subscriptions

Unlike classic push notification ads, in-page push ads don’t require users to subscribe to any database before seeing the ad.

Show ads to active users

In-page push ads are displayed directly on a webpage while a user is browsing on the site.

Know the source

In-Page pushes are shown on a specific website, so you can always select and see the sources, which bring you traffic.

How to launch your first In-Page Push campaign?

  1. Sign in to your TrafficStars account.

  2. Go to “Create Campaign” page

  3. In the General Settings of the campaign choose PUSH ad format and In-page push in Push format option.

  4. Set the rest campaign settings and launch the campaign!

Ready to test In-Page push ads? Let's Start! 🚀