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TrafficStars is happy to announce that our Push inventory has grown and keeps growing every day.

Push Notification is a powerful marketing tool because it is:

Seamless: They are delivered to users’ desktop browser or in the notifications of the user’s mobile phone seamlessly. Users don’t have to be on a specific site to receive your notification.

Noticeable: You don’t have to worry about spam filters or other deliverability issues with Push Notifications. They are very hard to ignore and this means high CTRs.

Unobtrusive: All users have given consent and have opted in to receive Push Notifications so are more likely to be interested in seeing your products. And that means they are Google Compliant too!

Engaging: You can expect high CTRs because Push Notifications allow you to communicate to website visitors and not just your users.

The bottom line? Push notifications can help you to attract more customers. It’s converting very well for Dating, Sweepstakes, and Nutra.

Optimization tips for Push from our Advertiser Account Manager Nicole:

#1 Pay attention to message length

No more than 25 characters. Make your headline short and concise.

#2 Create a CTA that gets clicks

Get your users attention by creating a Headline that: Is intriguing, persuasive, playful, or sexy (softcore only), reminds users to complete an action, creates a sense of urgency, asks a simple question, makes users feel like insiders, or uses macros to target locations.

#3 Use an image that complements your headline

A good creative results when the thumbnail is relevant to the message you are sending. Also, keep in mind, thumbnails must not contain hardcore images, and must not be offensive, gruesome or disgusting.