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TrafficStars Team We are a jolly Jedi crew joining advertisers and publishers worldwide.
square 80+ Employees The complexity of our business demands a team effort.
square2 2 Offices Main office in Cyprus and second Barcelona.
square3 11832 Businesses Clients build their business with us, so their success is our success.
square4 Our core values
client Clients Our clients’ interest is always top priority. Clients build their business with us, so their success is our success.
team Teamwork The complexity of our business demands a team effort. No individual can be successful if the whole team fails.
cup Quality Whatever we do, we do it well. Here, we value quality over quantity.
light Responsibility We’re not afraid neither to bring fresh ideas to the table nor to take responsibility for their implementation.
Our Story
TrafficStars was built by a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the online advertising industry. We have grown and evolved over the years to develop leading technology and we now deliver over 5 billion ad impressions daily. TrafficStars has become a second home for over 50 members of staff based in offices across
Cyprus and Spain.
  • 2014
    December 2014

    TrafficStars Founded

  • 2015
    July 2015

    First external publisher goes live

    October 2015

    Opens Barcelona Office
    Reaches 100 000 000 daily impressions

  • 2016
    March 2016

    500 M daily impressions

    July 2016

    1 B daily impressions

  • 2017
    May 2017

    Launches DCPM pricing and RTB system

    June 2017

    Opens office in Montreal

    October 2017

    Reaches 150 publishers

  • 2018
    January 2018

    TS launches Native advertising format and wins X-Biz
    Award for “Best Traffic Company of the year”

    March 2018

    2 B daily impressions

  • 2019
    February 2019


  • 2020
    March 2020

    3 B daily impressions

    August 2020

    Launch new TS website

  • 2021
    May 2021

    4 B daily impressions

  • 2022
    March 2022

    Launched Optimizer

    May 2022

    5B daily impressions

    August 2022

    6B daily impressions

    Group 43 Copy 5
  • 2023
    June 2023

    TrafficStars has been recognized as the Best Ad Network at the Kinza Awards 2023!

    July 2023

    7B daily impressions

    Group 43 Copy 6
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